The Week

Oh, a week just rushed by! 

I guess I should do some reporting, so you don't think I've left again. 
So what has happened during the last week..

I have spent many many hours looking at this screen. But I'm rather satisfied with what I've accoplished during this week and all the responsibility that has been given to me. I am one motivated employee, at least most of the time. Especially when I get to map out processes - love process mapping! 

Then it was again time to celebrate our national poet Runeberg. These are not ordinaty Runebergintorttu's, though.. these are the kind mym mum used to make when we were kids, made out of gingerbread dough. I made them because we still had leftover gingerbread dough from the December gingerbread-making party

HR handed out lollipops - very nice! 

I took artsy photos of the tulips on our kitchen table. We might have to through the away soon..

We had 'kaatajaiset' for the two committees that arranged the summer concert and the Christmas concert. Guess the theme! 

We went to check out the new flea market in Kattilahalli, as did many others..but it was really worth queuing for a while! 

Kattilahalli seems to be a good venue for this

I found these. Luv luv! (if you ever feel like giving me anythng you can always be sure that a pair of funny/special/nice earrings will do it, I think I kind of collect them..)

Had to invest 50 cents on this owl. Had to.

Found never used puma sneakers for 10 euros. Did not want to bargin because the couple selling was collecting money for their honeymoon. Practically new shoes, exactly my size! Now I'm just waiting for spring..

Gotta love flea markets! This crazy pring T-shirt - 1 euro! Ha! 

Recycling is so much more interesting than buying new stuff! Today was an especially good day, 'cause now I have the perfect summer outfit with neon striped sneakers and crazy print robot T-shirt. 

My life - pure awesome most of the time actually. 



09.02.2014 kl. 18:38


The daily report:

The sinus infection has not gone away, so I felt a little sorry for myslef today. Not even Musical theater reunion yesterday made it go'd think our ex tenpore reenactment of Aquarius would have made it, or then the singing rehersal today..but no.

On the bright side, I stubled over a link with Finnish foods on facebook and immediately got insired to make real traditional confort food - makaronilaatikko.

So after singingrehersal today I was happy to fidn that our corned Alepa has stepped up a notch - I could find all ingreditnts needed as luomu!

So Sunday Confort Food it was - luomu Makaronilaatikko! 

Tadaaa - kaikki luomua! 






02.02.2014 kl. 21:23


There is one thing in life that makes your sould crumble and that is having the opportunity to sleep however late you want on a Saturday morning, but instead waiking up at 8am. It is so unfair and also very terrifying (this never used to happen to me - to other people, yes - but not to me!)

[Reds. anm: Mum don't read the following section]

I also have a creeping suspicion that I mihgt have a sinus infection. This is also very annoying in every possible way, so I have chosen to simply ignore all signs. That's what I usually do. To avoid having to face reality I tried a tricolore breakfast in combination to doing some work stuff. 

Vitamine drink (Professorin tyrni-hässäkkä missä kaikkea foolihaposta B-vitamiiniin), Finnrexin, and (of course) black coffee.

I will no go on with this day pretending I am better than ever. Especially because we have the reunion for the musical group I made Hair with in 2004 (I think it was 2004..). So no time for being sick here no! 


01.02.2014 kl. 09:21

Take a Bath

Just do it!

Take a bath - with bubbles!

Read a book, while in bath!

I'm currently reading 'Där Vi en gång gått' by Kjell Westö, won the Finlandia book price a couple of years back. I feel like a bad Swedish speaking Finn, since I haven't read anything by Westö before. However, I also realized how little I aactually know about Fininsh history, or the civil war..even though one would think (and I actually assume) that I know more about Finnish history than an average person (having worked as a guide at a historical sea fortress for several years would do that..) I still feel I know very little. Oh well, I have my whole life ahead of me for learning (and taking more baths!)


30.01.2014 kl. 21:18

Insikter pt. II

If you've had a bad day - go visit someone with a bathtub! Bring your own bubbles and lie in a hot bath fpr an hour or so. I promise you - it works! 

That's all for today!


29.01.2014 kl. 21:44


Tänk vad skänt att vara vuxen! Man kan i lugn och ro äta knackorv till frukost en söndag klockan två a) för att klockan två är en bra frukkosttid och b) för att man vill ha knackorv. Jess! 

Och så givetvis dagens viktigaste bild (inspirerad av Hietanen som helt tydligt har koll på vad som är viktigt här i livet!)

27.01.2014 kl. 23:08

Still Alive

Apologies for the silence! 

The end of the year passed by so fast, I had to take a little blog break. But due to complants from the general public I'm back again! Yay!

So now - recap i.e. what has happened since last time. We'll take it in pictures

We rought Finnish chocolates with us and celebrated independence day in Tilburg. 

It was very nice! Skål för Finland!

Linda, me & Irina practiced creative posing outside of th La Trappe Brewery in Tilburg (npte that this was before tasting the beer)

Beer tasting took place! 

Whenever you have the chance - always visit a brewery! 

Then we went to Amsterdam from Tilburg (I & M var olovligt pupsiga och jag agerade hovfotograf)

Amsterdam levererade bl.a. mysig utomhusmarknad

Amsterdam was so nice! Outdoor flea markets, some shopping, the Van Gogh Museum, and cheese fondue dinner amonght other things 

Then it was about to be Christmas. I felt craftsy, so I made a Christmastree that can fit every appartment. The only thing you need is tape of some kind - then you can cut out the decorations from an old newspaper. I was very proud of this creation. 

Then we had a ginger bread making party! It was a hit - as always! 

everyone should get the cance to be creative! 

Irina's Masterpiece!

Harri Olli..amongst other creations..

Christmas came and I decorated our Christmas tree in cooperation with Kimmo 

Traditionsenligt besök på Sandudds begravningsplats på julafton

Kimmo did approve of our Christmas beer selection

Did a lot of one of my favourite things to do when at home - reading scientific magazines! 

Family <3 

Got the best Christmas gift from Maps. Thak you for making my mornings <3 

Then we killed Christmas..

...and celebrated New Year instead! 

Martin had made Bitterballen (a delicacy we got to try in Tilburg) 

and so the year 2013 was ended with cheese fondue & sparkling hats (and of course a lot of sparkling wine)

And suddenly it was 2014! 

I survived new year's and was happy to notice that 2014 will be a great year! 

I did not make any stupid new years resolutions about working out more, but I did use the opportunity of the year-end sales to get myself new fittness shoes! (alltså mina gamla hade hål och hade varit flitigt i bruk sen 2010, så det var så dags)

Then i continued looking at this view quite much (It's what I see out of the window at I'm getting very familiar with this view)

And me and Maps took care of Lipa for a week! 

Lipa liked being outdoors. PSA: if you have dogs that need to be taken care of fo a week or so I know just the place in Töölö where you can leave them :)

It became cold, but I remained positive. Especially, since there's been so many parties and opportunities for celebration this January!

And the winter sky has been an interesting color 

and we have been out on mischief (this was yesterday night..)

Life is good and 2014 is going to be a great year! 

Keep it coming! 


26.01.2014 kl. 17:52

Hyvää itsenäisyyspäivää - Glad självständighetsdag!

I'm going to celebrate in Holland!

Me, Irina & MArtin aregoing to be visiting Linda over the weekend.

Whoopwhoop! Tillburg - here we come!

05.12.2013 kl. 21:01

Det går undan!

Gosh what a week! 

We launched a totally new phone and OS on Wednesday, I've been working like a crazy person, but also partying like one..

There are so many things happening right now that I can hardly keep up with myself. BUt all is good, hectic but great! 

Yesterday we had Lyran's Christmas party. That was soo nice! I haven't treated you with pics for a while, so here's a few

Glada Lyror på julfest! 

Julgubben kom på besök

ett alldeles fenomenalt ringdansband uppträdde! Två snaps och en glögg tror jag det hette..temat var att man inte fick kunna spela det instrument man spelade i bandet. Alltså jag älskar dessa människor så! Bättre kvinnlig gemenskap än såhär är det nog svårt att hitta! 

Rudolf var också på plats

Jag tog dessutom en sällsynt lyckad selfie som jag tänkte dela med mig av bara för att bevisa att man kan ha sjukt brottom och jobba som en galning men ändå vara glad och må bra! Mera sånt! 

Tackåhej - snart blir det jul! 




30.11.2013 kl. 17:42

Empty Head!

Gosh! I just spent about 11h at work.. I actually don't want to complain. It was intense (we're releaseing a new smart phone next week, so It's gotta be..othetwise something would be wrong, right?) but rather pleasant to know you are actually needed to do what you do. My first and foremost message is - my head is empty & my brain is turned off until no smart blogging here..

instead here's a picture from the blog archives :)

A woman with more street cred that you (or me) will ever have, dancing at the H STreet festival in DC (last autumn)

A reminder that it will soon be Christmas

Two dalahästar in sunshine

There you go - three random pics to enjoy this Tuesday! 

19.11.2013 kl. 20:51


A day of rest after an amazing Saturday.

I went to Svensk Ungdom's 70-years anniversary party yesterday, mostly because I wanted to meet up with all the amazing people I knew were gonna be there. And it was so great! Such a good feeling and so many persons I hadn't seen for ages. It was all joy, dance, and nostalgia. Today I'm a bit tired, but very happy. Thank you to everyone involved!

So what's better after a splendid Saturday than a very relaxed Sunday? A little cleaning, a lot of good discussion with the best roomie ever, spontaneously buying roses and making experimental oatmeal cookies.

If you're interested, you can also read the blog post I wrote for Lyran's blogg att Hbl's web page. Here's the entry (in Swedish + an illustration made by myself - go take a look!)

It's all harmony here peeps!

Here's me and my most beloved and fantastic little brother representing at the party

I decided that me and Maps have deserved to have roses in our home, so I bought roses. Very good decision. Treat Yo self


Experimental oatmeal cookies with cocolate chips and honey, turned out quite nice



17.11.2013 kl. 17:23

A Short Message From Your Humanitarian Logistician

Please consider donating some money to, for example, the Red Cross, so that they can continue their very valuable work. Right now most help is needed at the Philippines, later on disster relief is going to be needed somwhere else.

I have had the priviledge to work with the FinnCross and their logistics unit in Tampere. The work these people do is very valuable and unique. The Finnish expertise is Logistics, ERU's (Emergency Response Units i.e. field hospitals), and health care (personnel). The IFRC is a proffessional and large organization that has what it takes to deliver emergency relief to a large amount of people. I appreciate their work and I hope that you'd consider donating. Now and in the future. I guess the reconstruction of the Philippine society will take at least a decade. The Red Cross will be there even after we've forgotten about it all. 

Make a donation to the Finnish Red Cross here

And yes - also other organizations do valuable and great work and all support is needed, whoever it comes from! 

(and the reason this specific topic is so close to my heart is of course that I studied humanitarian logistics and I wrote my master's thesis in the field + I'm still considering returning to research one day..)

13.11.2013 kl. 21:23


people you think you know post our´trageous things on facebook. Things you just can't agree with and that doesn't correlate in any way with your own values..those days you wish social media didn't exist. I know betetr than creatin gshitstorms and writing angry comments on facebook, but these I really know them or did they just have a bad moment?

(on the other hand the conversations and discussions that may arise from these kind of confrontatsions are sometimes really valueble..sometimes)

13.11.2013 kl. 19:22


You know what, sometimes you don't even realize how wrong something felt, before something else, that feels right, comes along..
Now I'm referring ro work and the fact that I now know I was not happy at all at my last work place. The work was ok and the people nice, but not at all my kind of persons and not at all inspired by their job. Now I'm surrounded by this crazy buzz all the time, I will need to work like a crazy person, and probably not have that much of a Christmas Holiday, but you know what - I actually don't mind. There are tidious tasks at hand, but I'm surrounded by people who are very driven and inspired and really determined to do this thing - launch a new smart phone with a totally new OS (open source!) and challenge the big players, even though the company is a small Finnish start up. It is kind of crazy, but I like it. Ypu should always wrk with people who are inspired by what they're doing! 

+ I am becoming more of a techie every day...still feel a little awkward around al the developer guys, but soon I'm gonna fit in..not! 

That's all for now I think..nope, wait..

Here's a picture of the Fudge Cake my mom had made for Fathers Day. It was CRAZY! Fudge Cake will most. def. be on the menu for the CAKE FESTIVAL (remember, that will happen when Hanna gets back in the beginnig of next year) It wil so totally happen! 



12.11.2013 kl. 19:43


It's been a silent week at this blog. Sorry for that..but you don't seemt o have been missing me that terribly much. 

What I've done this week is getting showered with all kinds of information. I've dived straight into my work at Jolla. It's been very intense, but also very interesting and exciting. 

This is me at work! Yay!

And tomorrow is Fathers day! My dad is the best! That's why I drew him this card with a happy seagull

I call it 'veikeä lokki'

09.11.2013 kl. 20:34

Treat Yo Self

First of all, I want you to watch this clip from Parks an Recreation (best series eveer)

Today has been a day juust like that!

First I baked a lemon cake in the morning (tried out a new recepie)

Then I went to Helsinki Day Spa and got a body treatment with a body scrub and a relaxing massage (I had a gift card that I hadn't used)

and as if this wasn't enough I wentfor an Indian head massage after this! 
(also a gift card..I'm not a millionaire..unfortunately)

and THEN! 

I ended the day with going to Johanneksenkirkko to listen to Brahm's Ein deutsches Requiem, put up by the National Orchestra

I tell you - treat yo self! It is soo worth it 

01.11.2013 kl. 22:08


So..the movie yesterday was not scary, rather weird, but not exactly scary, a little creepy though..

Borgman is the first Dutch film in Cannes in 38 years and Hollands Oscar nominee. In a way I do understand this, but on the other hand I think the whole thing was only half van Warmerdam had a great idea, but got confused with all the details.

(now there's a little spolier alert - so don't read if you wanna see the movie and don't want any one elses opinions about it!)

What I liked:

- how the lack of a real story thread created a gnawing restlesness in the audience, yearning for a real story line

- how the middleclass apathy translated into a surreal dreamlike thing

What I didn't like:

- how most of the characters felt half..the character development had stayed on the development stage

- there were too many things! Anton Tsehov  (apparently you should write Chekhov in English, ut I'm so not going to do that!) wouldn't have like it at all, I'll tell you! You just can't put in random things that seem to be very important in the story and then just leave them hanging! Like the dogs, the glimpse of the ballerina in the yard, the back scars, the play..WTF!? Random is good - I like random! Buuut these things need to be part of the story, the random need to be in conext of random, not as extra things that just appear as a teaser, that you kind of forget to explain or put in context...that's just bad storytelling..


I would have liked it to be more simple, focused. How I would have done that? Thanks for asking! I'd  have cut out the whole first sequence with the chaising, I'd have gotten rid of at least hald of the characters. and I would have focused on the most important characters and their actions. I would have simplified it all and made use of the dreamlike features, creating a more creepy psychologially surreal experience.

Then again, it was not my movie, but this is my blog - so my opinion.
But definitely worth seing if you want to feel a little uneasy. I think I see what they have been seing in Cannes, since the storytelling definately challenges our way of wanting solution-focused straight-forward stories.


31.10.2013 kl. 09:21

Death by Mocha & Chocolate

Tomorrow is my last day, so I decided to kill my colleagues by instant diabetes & heart failure

Haa, bring on the chocolate! 

Nooo! I'm kidding, I just want to be nice

Lookylooky! I made enormous amount of frosting, because that's the best part!


30.10.2013 kl. 18:37

One Day More

One day more and then I don't work in the travel business anymore!
Feels weird -half a year passed soo quickly!

I think I wuill bake something for my colleagues for tomorrow - they've deserved it!

Otherwise I don't have that much to tell you..will chellenge myself and go see a Night Visions -movie tonight. Borgman is on the agenda - it's supposed to be good.

 If you know me, you know I'm terrified of scary movies and thrillers. It kind of annoys me (a lot!) because there are many really good movies that I just don't even dare try to watch! I will change that from now on and remind myself that it's not for real! (or then I will hate myself forever when I can't be alone without being scared...) .the challenge is ON

My brain before:

My Brain after:

It's gonna be all zen

30.10.2013 kl. 10:07


I recently became one of the writes for our choir Lyran's blog - check out my first post here (in Swedish).

I'm writing about how amazing it is to be part of Lyran and about one of my favourite pieces from the repertoire of our upcomming concert with Nordic Music.

The composition is made by Knut Nystedt to a poem by Kathleene Raine. I think it's really beautiful!


Reaching down arm-deep into bright water I gathered on white sand under waves
Shells, drifted up on beaches where I alone Inhabit a finite world of years and days.
I reached my arm down a myriad years
To gather treasure from the yester-milliennial sea-floor,
Held in my fingers forms shaped on the day of creation.

Building their beauty in three dimensions
Over which the world recedes away from us, And in the fourth, that takes away ourselves
From moment to moment and from year to year
From first to last they remain in their continuous present.
The helix revolves like a timeless thought, Instantaneous from apex to rim Like a dance whose figure is limpet or murex, cowrie or golden winkle.

They sleep on the ocean floor
like humming-tops
Whose music is the mother-of-pearl octave of the rainbow,
Harmonious shells that whisper forever in our ears,
The world that you inhabit has not yet been created.

28.10.2013 kl. 09:50

I'm helleke and this is my blog. I started blogging when iI spent 5 months as an intern in Washington D.C. and then I just didn't stop. I like pictures and people and random stuff. Recently I decided to encourage myself to start drawing again, therefore this blog will also be my doodling pinboard.
Btw, since I write (mostly) in English (there might be some Swedish and Finnish once in a while, or a mix of everything), for everyone to understand, I won't take any crap about spelling mistakes and grammar - You'll just have to live with that Pete!

For those of you who don't speak "Borka" (aka Swedish):
If you wish to comment, you only need to know how to count to 10 in Swedish (when commenting, it asks for you to write a number in letters), so here we go:

1= ett
2= två
3 = tre
4 = fyra
5 = fem
6 = sex
7 = sju
8 = åtta
9 = nio
10 = tio


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